Import & Save Your Contracts

It’s 2017 – clients expect to be able to book you online. Easily integrate service scheduling on to you website, your Facebook business page, even your Instagram profile. All incoming bookings & payments get sent directly to your app!

Auto recurring payments

Sit back and let those client payments role in. If you have membership plans, recurring payment plans, or auto billing set up with clients — then we’re here to help.

Legally Protect your Business

Import contracts, waivers and release forms, and go 100% paperless. Send documents to clients to review, store and e-sign from their smartphones or computers.

Advanced class & package scheduling

If you offer your time in a class or packaged format, then you’ve come to the right place. Enroll clients in classes & programs, in a completely customized way.

Capture leads online with ease

Customize and plug in your client intake widget to your website and social media pages. Give interested clients immediate call-to-actions to fill out online forms which syncs directly to your leads list in PocketSuite. Follow up, re-market and more all in one place.