Take advantage of your Premium membership with unlimited access to all the below features to help you and your business succeed...



  • As a Premium member, set up and save any customers questionnaires.
  • This includes any types of questions, feedback, and other information needing to collect from any client - before or after a service appointment.
  • Send these questionnaires to clients (via text or email) to fill out from their smartphone or computer.
  • Even integrate online questionnaires onto your website for clients to fill out and submit directly online.
  • Import any forms directly into PocketSuite from your desktop by following our imports tool.

Online Scheduling

  • Premium account members get access to an online scheduling tool to integrate with your website and Facebook business page.
  • Your scheduler will allow clients to browse an unlimited list of your services, packages & classes.
  • Clients can view your availability, and send you detailed appointment requests which will notify you directly within PocketSuite.
  • You can also share your booking URL link directly with clients for light-weight client scheduling in a mobile browser.

Unique Business #

  • Your Premium Membership comes with a new business number that is unique to you.
  • All text appointments, invoices, messages, and other transactions you send to clients, will be delivered from the unique business line that you were assigned.
  • All text responses from clients will be sent directly to your PocketSuite Message tab.
  • Any calls to your unique # will be auto-forwarded directly to your cell phone.
  • Put your new # to clients, add it to your business cards, website even put it on Yelp & Thumbtack to organize all incoming leads.
  • Give your clients on-demand service via text message with our new Premium SMS Shortcodes!


  • Unlock the ability to offer discounts to clients as a Premium member.
  • Specify $ value or % amount discounts on any services you offer.
  • Appointments, invoices, packages and discounts - offer discounts on any ways you offer your services.
  • Market discounted services on your Online Scheduler for clients to book deals with you online!

Data Export & Reporting

  • Get instant access to your entire history of payments, clients, fees, and more - emailed to you directly in a CSV file.
  • Premium allows you to export your entire transaction history over the past 24 hours, past year, and anything in between.
  • We immediately export that data and email you an organized CSV file for your review.
  • Analyze your business history, send the file to your accountant, or even import this file into any accounting software for end-of-year tax purposes.

Email-only Clients

  • Not all your clients have to have mobile #'s to add them into PocketSuite. 
  • Premium members can simply add a client name and email address. That's it.
  • All messages, invoices, appointments and reminders will be sent to clients automatically over email.
  • Clients can confirm, pay and even reply to all emails they receive.
  • Best part? All responses still flow directly into your PocketSuite message thread.