Indiana School of Phlebotomy

• 23 June 2021

Indiana School of Phlebotomy Overview

Due to growing demand, the complexity of laboratory testing, and the need to increase the efficiency and cost effectiveness of health care, phlebotomy has become a very specialized area of clinical laboratory practice. The term Phlebotomist is now used to describe this specialized position and this course is designed to prepare the student for these roles.

ISP offers two phlebotomy programs, teaching the same content and skills but suitable for different levels of student : 7-Week Phlebotomy and 4-Week Accelerated Phlebotomy.

Training Programs at Indiana School of Phlebotomy

  • 7-Week Phlebotomy
  • 4-Week Accelerated Phlebotomy

Price Range: $650 – $750 USD

Resources for Indiana School of Phlebotomy

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