College of San Mateo

• 5 March 2020

College of San Mateo Overview

The Pilates Instructor Certificate Program at College of San Mateo prepares students to educate at a gym, wellness center, or studio. Some students may wish to pursue further education for Pilates careers, for example, Kinesiology, Athletics, Athletic Training, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Dance/Movement Therapy and Studio Owner.

The Pilates Certificate program offers instruction in the teaching method, history and theory behind Pilates as well as central musculoskeletal life systems and kinesiology. Students are required to attend individual meetings and teaching hours during each course.

Training Programs at College of San Mateo

  • FITN 335.1 Pilates I (.5 or 1 unit)
  • FITN 335.2 Pilates I (.5 or 1 unit)
  • FITN 335.3 Pilates I (.5 or 1 unit)
  • FITN 335.4 Pilates I (.5 or 1 unit)
  • FITN 339 Pilates Circuit Training (.5 or 1 unit)
  • KINE 119 First Aid/Adult & Pediatrics CPR (3 unit)
  • KINE 125 Pilates Mat Instructor Training (3 units)
  • KINE 126 Pilates Reformer Instructor Training (3 units)
  • KINE 127 Pilates Apparatus Instructor Training (3 units)
  • Price Range: Check website for updated details.

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