Your independence is defined by freedom of control from others.

With PocketSuite's point-of-sale ("POS") tool, you can now reap freedom from traditional credit card swipers and clunky hardware.

Mobile POS empowers you as a small business to take back your freedom to help your business succeed. The top 4 ways how PocketSuite POS can make and save you more money by tossing out your hardware:


No Hardware Clunkiness

The first step typically to adding POS functionality to your business has historically been having to purchase and order a physical swiper. Clunkiness like this comes with a few upfront problems.

First, hardware comes with investment. You have to spend money upfront simply for the ability to process credit cards in person. Hardware technology doesn't even allow you to jump into processing credits cards - there's an upfront cost to even have the ability to process a card.

Next is timing. Once you pay for your hardware, you have to sit around and wait for the the swiper to come. However many days or weeks it takes, only when you get your hands on your swiper are you able to starting using point-of-sale processing.

Ok, you're all set, right? Wrong.

Ongoing issues with clunky hardware are always the same. Hardware can malfunction - there can be swiping issues (malfunctioning reader), security issues (EMV chips), input issues (broken jack), and more. And you need to make sure your hardware is constantly up to date based on the constant security updates to hardware technology issued by credit card companies.

Finally if you prefer to have a case around your smartphone (like what most people do), then you shouldn't have to remove it each time you want to process a credit card. For most smartphones, mobile swipers can't plug in if there's a case covering the phone. This is a type of clunkiness that should not be tolerated.


Lower Ongoing Costs

Another core benefit to no hardware is lower ongoing costs.

PocketSuite POS is software-only - that means PocketSuite doesn't need to pass along hardware costs to you, the customer. Because of this, PocketSuite's POS processing fees are kept as a flat 2.5% per transaction. No batch fees, extra transaction fees, or any other hidden charges.

If you're used to paying fees ranging from 2.75% to 3.5% (plus $0.15) like on Square or PayPal - now's your time to break away from the shackles of these elevated fees.

A good way to think about it is if you make $50,000 per year as a business owner, switching to PocketSuite POS will save you $500 per year (2.5% vs. a 3.5% processing fee). Use that $500 saved to buy leads, or spend on marketing, or invest in your business.

Saving 1% on all your income all the while preserving credit card processing capabilities is a freedom that will be felt by you immediately in addition to over time.


Client Convenience

The best customer experience is an experience where your client doesn't have to do a thing.

With hardware, clients are forced to take our their credit cards each and every time they go to pay you - for a swipe or a card entry.

PocketSuite POS allows you to simply enter your client's card information once and never again. Your client's card is securely stored to their client profile within your PocketSuite app. You can charge your client's card at any time with no effort or ask on your client's end. They can be in front of you or over the phone - either way your client can simply give you the green light without having to do anything else. They'll get sent a professional receipt for their record keeping, and that's it!

The right POS for you - the business owner - is crucial, but using something that your clients enjoy can be just as important and can increase the odds of your clients coming back to you for repeat business.


Get Paid No Matter Where or When

Over the phone?

In person?

Sending an invoice?

It can be frustrating to use different credit card processors depending on how and when you would like to get paid. It can be time consuming, it can cost you extra, and it can be tedious for even your clients.

PocketSuite POS supports all the different use-cases as to HOW you want to get paid. However your client prefers to give you their credit card information, you'll be able to process it.

Hardware, unfortunately, forces a specific payment workflow that doesn't always work with the way you want to get paid...or how your clients prefer to pay you. POS software can allow you to enforce cancellation fees, accept job deposits, schedule payment plans, accept invoice payments, and - of course - charge a credit card in person, point-of-sale.

Gain independence from your hardware so you can get paid on demand, any time, any place.

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