So, you’re a solopreneur or small business operator and you’ve decided you’d like to try out PocketSuite, but you’re concerned about not having a desktop version that you can use. Luckily, we’ve compiled all of the concerns and solutions that business owners have mentioned in one handy article for you. No more will you wonder if you’ve made the right choice – now you can handle all of those follow-up messages and booking and payment tasks from the palm of your hand, without having to sit down in front of your computer at home or open your laptop in the middle of a client session or while you are on the road.

Speaking of that, have you ever had to pull over to the side of the road and open your laptop to handle a business related issue? Yes, I can see you sitting there right now, disgruntled because your day’s been interrupted, wishing there was a better way to run your business.

Well, those days are gone. Let’s take a look at some concerns business owners had before going fully mobile:

  • Screen Space – What about the screen space I need?
  • Data Transfer – What about importing my stuff from the old platform?
  • Team Scheduling – Won’t I have trouble scheduling my crew?
  • Other Software – What if I’m running Quickbooks? Can I connect that to PocketSuite mobile?
  • Keyboards – What about typing out messages to clients? Or quickly making changes?

Let’s take these one at a time, shall we?


This is one of the first things people mention when they realize that they can do everything they used to do with their old business management software from their phone with PocketSuite.

“But what about screen space? Will I have enough space to see and do everything I need for my clients?”

We have the perfect solution for you – just use your iPad! Yes, that thing you’re currently using to watch Netflix and AmazonVideo in bed (or maybe you’re a Hulu person? They’ve been getting a lot better shows lately…)

Just grab your iPad and download PocketSuite – boom! You just 3xed your screen space.

Also keep in mind that most new phones have a lot more screen space anyway (iPhone XS anyone? It’s basically a tablet!)

Additionally, PocketSuite makes it super easy to access everything you need to do for your small business from the mobile app. Just give it a whirl and you might just realize that you’ve been unnecessarily opening your clunky laptop or booting up your old computer, just to get a few things done that could easily be done with a few taps on your phone.

Mobile is the future… the future is now…and PS makes it easy.


Another thing folks have concerns about is the ability to import all of their clients – they don’t want to manually sit there and enter them all into the PocketSuite app from their old software. (And who would? That sounds awful and tedious.)

Here’s what that sounds like:

“But what about my current clients? I’d have to manually transfer all of their info from *insert archaic software you’re switching away from.*”

Not to worry, because PocketSuite has you covered on this front as well.

In fact, one of the first things that you see when you land on the pricing page is…

Best of all, Client Imports is a FREE feature that comes with all PocketSuite plans.

Ta-da! Just send PocketSuite your client file and they will take care of the rest.

Not sure how to export your clients?

Your previous software definitely has an export function – if you’re not sure how to do that, just type “*my software* export clients” into Google and the instructions will come right up!

Or just reach out to PocketSuite’s super helpful support team – they will guide you in the right direction and help you out tremendously.

Here’s more info on client exporting with PocketSuite.

Moving on, our next objection has to do with scheduling your team (or contractors).


Here’s a common one:

“But how will I be able to schedule my teams? I need a desktop in order to properly see their calendars.”

Again, the previous screen space solution comes to mind. Simply download PocketSuite on your iPad and boom! You have enough screen space to make all of the scheduling a breeze.

Don’t have an iPad handy? Luckily, PocketSuite’s master developers have designed a functional, inapp scheduler that works perfectly on any phone, large or small!

Gone are the days of staring at your screen trying to figure out which team members to assign to which job.

With PocketSuite you literally just go into the app, and a couple of taps later, you see a list of team members that are available on the dates and times that you need in green and those that aren’t available are in “stoplight” red. Your team are all scheduled in no time and you’re busy popping open that bottle of wine and relaxing!

Okay, so scheduling team members with PocketSuite is a breeze. But what about other software like Quickbooks? How can you connect that to PocketSuite?


Let’s say you’re using Quickbooks for accounting, Wave for payroll, or any other desktop-centric software. How is it possible to connect these to PocketSuite if you’re fully mobile?

Super easy, that’s how!

In fact, PocketSuite makes it effortless to connect these to your account.

Not to mention that you can even pay your teams with PocketSuite, eliminating the need for a third-party payroll provider. Boom, just saved you a bunch of time and hassle switching between apps and mobile <> desktop.

If you really need to export your PocketSuite data (for example to input into Quickbooks) you can easily do that with a couple taps.

Your data will be emailed to you, and from there you just plug it into Quickbooks (or whatever other software you need your data imported into). You or your accountant likely only need to do this once a month, so no need for a lot of bells and whistles. A simple one click import of the CSV file that PocketSuite emails to you will do the trick everytime.

Here’s more info on how to do data export with PocketSuite.

Our last objection has to do with the classic but-I-can’t-use-my-keyboard-with-this.


One of the things we hear all of the time is:

“But with my phone I can’t use my laptop or desktop keyboard and I need that in order to type faster!”

Luckily, we’ve got you covered here as well.

First of all, let me take a moment to recommend an amazing mobile-first keyboard that you can connect to your phone super easily – it’s been featured on Tim Ferriss’s podcast and you can find it here on Logitech’s website.

Aside from buying a keyboard for your phone (which I highly recommend) you’re still all good in terms of using PocketSuite on mobile because the design is especially created to be able to handle all of the necessary business functions, right from your phone.

No more having to pull over to crack open your laptop or boot up your PC just to handle some admin tasks that should take you point 3 seconds to do.

Now you just open the PocketSuite app, and a couple of taps later, you’re back to watching Seinfeld reruns while you cook up a delicious dinner for your spouse and kids.


Additionally, having a mobile-first solution for business management comes with some yuuuuge perks. Mainly, you’re able to utilize mobility triggered features that wouldn’t even be available to you with a desktop version.

For example, GPS. With PocketSuite you can easily pull up your GPS to guide you to your next appointment, or pull it up to check on your team’s estimated arrival time.

With desktop-first solutions, you can’t do that.

In closing, I’d like to say that I used to have the same limiting beliefs that I needed a desktop solution because “my business was just that complicated.”

After using PocketSuite, I can see that it’s way easier to just have everything in one app. No more opening browsers or waiting for software to load.

A couple of taps and all of my business woes are gone. It’s like magic!

Check out PocketSuite if you’re looking to make your life easier and join tens of thousands of businesses as you start running your business over text!