Make it easier for clients to pay you.

Make it cheaper for you to get paid.


Send Payment Requests from PocketSuite

  • Choose any client from your phone book

  • Send simple payments requests to clients

  • Or send itemized payment requests
    (i.e., invoices)

  • Comprise & send in seconds from the app

Clients Receive Requests via SMS Text

  • No account setup needed by your client

  • No app download needed by your client

  • Payment request to client delivered via SMS text

Clients simply TAP or TEXT to Pay

  • New Clients: Tap payment link to enter credit card details to make payment

  • Returning Clients: Text "/pay" to make payment (client card details securely saved on file)

Direct Deposit; 2.5% in Processing

  • Payment direct deposited into your bank account

  • Deposit delivered in 1-2 business days

  • Processing fee of 2.5%

How do PayPal and PocketSuite compare?

15,000+ service professionals use PocketSuite today for their payment, scheduling and client needs