POS credit card processing has arrived.

You now have complete control to charge a client’s credit card on file on demand, anytime, any place.

No need to bother your clients about confirming or paying. Grab a card, store it, charge it, get paid.

In Person Point-of-Sale

  • Your client hands you their card
  • Enter the card details in PocketSuite
  • Charge card any $ amount
  • Same low 2.9% + $0.30 processing fee
  • Card is stored for future charging

Point-of-Sale Linked to Transactions

  • Reference any sent invoice or scheduled appointment
  • Select client’s stored card on file
  • Charge away!
  • Same low 2.9% + $0.30 processing fee

See how your PocketSuite app goes toe-to-toe against your Square app. Lower fees, no hardware, and the ability to save cards on file to charge anytime.

No more hardware. No more high fees.

Point-of-sale software gives you the ability to get paid quickly without the need of a clunky / malfunctioning Square swiper.

In fact, give PocketSuite POS a try. Once you’re hooked, here are our top 10 recommended ways to dispose of your old POS swipers.

1) Bury it in your backyard

2) No backyard? Buy a small plant for $4, bury your swiper in the planter

3) Have a backyard and don’t want to pick up a shovel? Leave the swiper outside for any late-night rodents to swallow up 🙂

4) Recycle it – e-waste recycling is doable!

5) Mail it back to Square/PayPal asking for your money back

6) Place it gently in your driveway, and slowly (and carefully!) reverse your car over it (if you just got new tires, try your neighbor’s driveway)

7) Drop it off at SpaceX headquarters and request it be shipped to the next mission to Mars

8) Buy one whistling pete rocket firework, some yarn, and tie your swiper to said firework, then blast it off

9) Hand over to your local Starbucks or retail shop who are stuck in a single brick & mortar location

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