Add Appointments On the Go

Set each client up on a recurring landscaping schedule!

Easily schedule even one-off visits for new clients

Request credit card confirmation for each appointment for easy payment

Calendar sync 2.png

Sync your Schedule to your Calendar

Sync all appointments directly to any mobile or desktop calendar (e.g., iCal, Google Calendar, etc.)

All client jobs are synced to your customers' calendars so both you and your clients are always on the same schedule

Confirm + Payment 2.png

Process Payments After Each Job

So long invoicing!

Simply charge your client's card after each confirmed job

Credit card processing of just 2.5%, with a 2-day direct deposit


Set Up Subscription Payment Plans!

Set your regular clients up on an ongoing charge plan

Each week, 2 weeks, month - auto debit customer's cards

Make payments easier on clients, all the while taking up less time during your day

And much more...

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