Job Description

PocketSuite is a YC-backed mobile platform for service businesses - fitness trainers, home cleaners, dog walkers, photographers, etc. - helping them communicate with, schedule and collect payment from clients. In short, PocketSuite lets any small business owner run their business entirely over text message.

PocketSuite empowers the U.S. market of 20 million service professionals generating $800 billion in sales with a mobile tool to run their businesses on the go.

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for a mobile Design guru to lead all design strategies by first and foremost helping re-design PocketSuite v2.0. Too often business software is perceived as clunky, difficult to use, and not an "enjoyable" experience. Our goal is to completely flip this perception on its head and re-construct what it means to be a business app in today's increasingly mobile world.

The ideal candidate should be up for a real challenge - a huge challenge. Through diligence, user empathy, and design skill, you'll be tasked with streamlining PocketSuite's user onboarding flow and design foundation with the goal of changing the way freelancers and independent professionals perceive traditional business software. Intimidation, complexity and limited "Aha" moments plague most new customers when experiencing a business tool for the first time. PocketSuite is simple, fast and delivers extreme value (i.e., getting paid faster, saving more time, delighting clients) to our small business customers - these aspects must be conveyed through in-app design and UX.

The candidate will have the opportunity to lead the charge in re-designing PocketSuite's in-app onboarding and user experience. We're a small team, we're growing fast, and we're looking for someone who is passionate about great design, and empathetic towards the small business customers we serve.

What you will do:
- Sketch and prototype ideas
- Test and collect feedback on ideas and design updates with user cohorts
- Collaborate with engineers and product leads
- Create user experience goals, priorities and milestones
- Evaluate and introduce a repeatable design process (ex: Lean UX)
- Take ownership of UI design and recommendations

Who are we?

1) Proudest moment in college was skipping Thanksgiving to work non-stop [100 hours with 3 or 4 short sleep breaks] on a CS project [which won the top prize in the class].

2) Next proudest moment was leading the rewrite of the core application runtime at NetSuite in under 6 months. Rewrite led to anecdotally easier to use API, 50% less time spent completing new features and 10x more developers building on the platform

3) We live in the Bay Area but doesn't make a difference, still spend 98% of our waking hours in heads down mode hacking, talking to customers and finding new customers.

4) We hate over-engineered products (J2EE, NoSQL, Core Data, String theory, Bitcoin,, OAuth, SAP, QuickBooks, Yodle, SOAP, Interface Builder)

5) We love simple, elegant products (SQL, SQLite, Stripe, Square, Plaid, JSON)

6) We believe technology can solve most of the world's problems and get miffed when human behavior gets in the way of a good hack

7) Love fantasy sports and video games but prefer to watch others play at this stage. Also wish we could exercise more (15mi hike, 5k run, tennis or ping pong anyone)

8) We’re obsessed with continuous refactoring (technical debt payments) and get as much satisfaction ripping out unused / expensive features as we do adding new ones.

9) We are intrigued by deep learning dis-intermediating us one day. In the meantime, we’re fascinated by all the amazing possibilities it could enable in our product one day.

10) We believe developers and designers are solely responsible for the quality of the work they ship.

11) One of us is a certified Excel whiz who thinks the mouse slows them down in a measurable way when building our operating models (those half seconds add up). 

12) We really really care about our small business customers. We fix bugs (easy or urgent) right away and do everything we can to make them feel like they’re in good hands. 

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