Lock your clients in and never deal with a disputed payment again...

Collect e-signatures on all invoices sent to clients, detailing all payment and refund terms for services rendered.

Import a Contract into PocketSuite

  • Tap here to import a contract from your desktop

  • Contracts saved to Settings > Contracts within PocketSuite

Link a Bank Account in PocketSuite

  • Go to Settings > Payments in PocketSuite

  • Link up a bank account to enable direct deposit

Set up Invoice to Send

  • Tap TRANSACT from any client profile on your Clients tab

  • Set up $ amount to invoice

  • Add a contract to the invoice

  • Send to your client (via text or email) for immediate e-signature and then payment

Clients E-Sign, Pay from their Phones

  • Your client can review and e-sign from any smartphone device

  • Client can add any credit (or debit) card to pay your invoice online

  • Funds deposited in 1-2 business days

  • Signed contract saved to your PocketSuite account