International School For Certified Dog Trainers Overview

Tthe International School for Certified Dog Trainers (ISCDT) offers three programs for individuals interested in learning the craft of dog training, as well as those wanting to expand their knowledge.

Each program affords the student the chance to work under the guidance of a Certified Dog Trainer. Their online dog trainer certification program provides the aptitudes necessary to understand how canines think and the techniques required to determine behavioral issues. The focus is on practical teaching skills so you can effectively communicate training strategies to dog owners and council them in understanding issues that arise. Classes are led by experienced, successful dog trainers who currently work hands-on in the field 7 days a week.

Training Programs at International School For Certified Dog Trainers

  • Certified Dog Trainer – Comprehension (18-Lesson Online Dog Training Course)
  • Certified Dog Trainer – Skilled Comprehension (Online & Offline)
  • Certified Dog Trainer – Proficient Skill & Comprehension (Online & Offline)
  • Price Range: $399 – $3,999 

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