An Overview of Illinois Professional Pet Groomers Association 

The goal of the Illinois Professional Pet Groomers Association is to enhance relations between pet groomers and consumers, and promote professionalism, safety, and sanitation within the Illinois grooming industry.

IPPGA was founded on a pledge to greatness in thinking about pets and the need to instruct the general population about the significance of professional grooming for pets.

How to Join Illinois Professional Pet Groomers Association 

Any professional pet groomer that lives or works in Illinois or a border area is invited to join. There are no dues – there is no charge at this point to become a member. They ask that you sign and mail in the applicatrion on the website linked below and pledge to abide by the PPGSA National Standards of Safety, Care, and Sanitation in your grooming work, and to abide by their Code of Ethics (modeled on the CPPGA Code of Ethics). IPPGA exists to promote high standards of professionalism and care for pets , collegiality among groomers, and education and advocacy for the profession. Joining the Facebook group does not mean you have joined IPPGA.

Resources for Illinois Professional Pet Groomers Association 

Location: 69 Green Bay Road Glencoe, Illinois 60022