Gratuity, cancellation fees, recurring payments and more. 

There are many ways to earn more besides winning new clients. Take advantage of the current tools you have at your disposal to maximize revenue per customer, without disrupting the great service you already offer.

Leverage your PocketSuite app to help you make more money using the following features available to you today...


Request Gratuity

  • Prompt gratuity requests from clients

  • Clients can add gratuity whenever confirming an appointment with credit card or paying an invoice you send them


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Enforce Cancellation Fees

  • Set up a fixed $ or % per service cancellation fee

  • Require credit card confirmation on all client appointments to enforce your fee


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Lock in Recurring Payments

  • Confirm clients on recurring payment plans

  • Clients are auto-charged each period, with direct deposit to your bank account


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Sell Packages Upfront

  • Package up any group of services offered

  • Sell up front and track all client usage


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Integrate Sales Tax

  • Auto add local sales tax on all your customer transactions

  • Enable in Settings > Business > Location


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Did you also know that payment requests sent via PocketSuite to clients get paid within 24 hours (vs. the industry average of 7-14 days)?

This is how easy it is for your clients to pay you...

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