Clients, appointments, messaging & payments - in 1 app.


Say 'adios' to spreadsheets, Google Docs

Keep all your history and notes on each client in a single, mobile location. From payment history, session tracking, call/message logs and more. Your life shouldn't be spent inside a spreadsheet - let's set you free.


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Save countless hours scheduling

Client scheduling, rescheduling, reminders and check-ins can suck up hours of your day. One calendar to handle your client appointments, class scheduling, reminder notifications and online booking integration.

(Sync with your Google Calendar, iCal or Outlook)


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Never miss a payment

Send professional invoices and charge clients for a flat 2.5% processing fee. Reduce your costs, and track every payment by client. No Square swiper or clunky Paypal logins necessary.


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Work closer with your team

Have partners, admins, employees or contractors? Invite them to join your team and easily view/manage all your team staffing, payments and transactions. The days of sharing more Google sheets, docs and calendars are over.


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