Send ‘broadcasts’ to customer lists

  • Shoot off text campaigns to customers. Just like an email marketing, but over text message. 
  • Great for company announcements, running discounts or specials, wishing clients a happy holidays, and more.
  • All client text replies are sent directly to you with not other client contact information visible.

Name, create & save groups

  • Create special groups for you & select clients to interact & message together as a group.
  • Let clients message each other (and you), all within the confines of a secure group. Clients can simply use PocketSuite Messenger to engage & reply to groups.

Quicker access to classes

  • Have classes on your PocketSuite Calendar? Instantly message all classes participants at the tap of a button.
  • No need to create ad hoc groups — take advantage of class messaging with any class you have scheduled on your calendar.