Training & Certification for Golf Instructor/Coach

Specific training is required to become a golf instructor/coach. Most employers require individuals to have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in fitness or a related field such as marketing, business administration, hospitality administration, and recreation and park management. An alternative to obtaining a bachelor’s degree, is to undertake a golf program such as one offered by the Professional Golf Association, who offer an Associate Member training program that is recognized worldwide. Within this program, there are there are 5 courses to complete within 6 months at a total cost of $200 for the training, plus $32 for an exam after each course.  It is also essential for golf coaches of all levels to be trained in both first aid and CPR, be a minimum of 18 year of age.

Some states require individuals to undertake the Coaching Education Program to become both certified and registered as a coach. It is important to research your individual state requirements.

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