Welcome to the Premium+ family!

Getting started with Premium+ is easy. Just make sure the Staffing feature is flipped ON under Settings > Features within your PocketSuite app.

You (the individual who signed up for this PocketSuite account and upgraded to Premium+) are the Superadmin. You have complete control over your team and all the features & functionality of PocketSuite. This term “Superadmin” is important as we are about to introduce 3 separate ROLES you can label for each one of your team members (or “Pros”). The ROLE allows for specific permissions in terms of account control of each Pro and the allowed interaction with clients.

Inviting Team Members & Settings ROLES

First thing’s first with your Premium+ account — invite your team.

Within the “Staffing” section (on your home area of PocketSuite) is where you can tap “+” to add a Pro. A Pro is shorthand for any professional who works with you. This can be a partner, an administrator, an employee, a contractor, or even a part-time worker.

When you add a Pro, you’ll be prompted to add basic details of said Pro, like name, contact info, profile photo, availability to be staffed, etc.

The most important part when adding a Pro is labeling the ROLE of each Pro you add as a team member in PocketSuite. The ROLE you said for each Pro, and the meaning of each ROLE is as follows:

  • “Administrator”: Administrators (or “Admins”) act as a partner, admin or secretary. Admins have very similar permissions as you – the Superadmin – in that Admins can interact with all clients you have on your Clients list in PocketSuite, and can also staff and pay any “Staff” (Staff levels detailed right below) you add to your PocketSuite team. Admins will not have access to any bank or payment information that you – as the Superadmin – have stored in PocketSuite.
  • Staff“: A standard Staff member you add to PocketSuite will be presented with the functionality to schedule, invoice and interact with clients similar to Admins and Superadmins. The different is, the Admin and Superadmin are in control as to which clients they want to share or assign to this Staff member. Once a client is shared with the Staff member, the Staff member is in control of directly interacting with said client. Meanwhile the Admin and Superadmin can oversee the interaction of Staff and client within their PocketSuite app. Admins and Superadmin can also add Staff members to appointments as well which we will get into.
  • Limited“: This role restricts the permission of the staff member significantly. For a Staff member who has the role of Limited, that means they are never presented with any client contact information or service price information. The Admin and Superadmincan schedule any Limited member on jobs, send them payments, and communicate with the directly.

Your Pros: What They See

As soon as you add a Pro (Admin, Staff, or Limited) to your PocketSuite account, that Pro will immediately receive a text message with very simple call-to-action to download PocketSuite to their smartphone device to join your team.

Upon downloading the PocketSuite app (for free), the Pro will enter their mobile # and name. They will immediately be logged into a PocketSuite account under your team with the specific ROLE set (PocketSuite can detect each Pro based on their mobile #).

You – as the Superadmin- will get notified immediately when each one of your Pros signs up for PocketSuite successfully. As soon as that first Pro joins, you can start staffing, paying, interacting and more with your Pros.

Job Scheduling – How It Works

When it comes to scheduling with clients, each Pro has a particular role to play depending on – surprise, surprise – the “ROLE” that was set for them.

Administrators will have full access to your entire client list and Pros list. They can view the entire team’s schedule by looking at the full Calendar view and appointments that Staff members are making with clients, and they can designate Staff members to be assign to specific client appointments. Similar to Superadmin, Admins can assign Staff on appointments by tapping the “Pros” option when scheduling (or editing) any appointment.

Admins (and Superadmins) can also “Assign a Pro” to any client (on the client profile) which automatically notifies the Staff member and adds the client to their Clients tab. This will allow your staff member full reign over scheduling, invoicing & interacting with said client directly.

Staff will have control over receiving and “running with” jobs that are assigned to them, and can also interact and schedule their own clients directly. When a job is assigned to Staff member, the Pro gets instantly notified and can see all the job details including client name, client contact info, date/time, job details, price and any other special notes on the appointment.

All clients the Superadmin has on their clients list are automatically available to the Staff member. If you – the Superadmin – want to hide any clients from Staff members, then on each client profile you can edit the client and “Assign” the client to a specific Staff member. Once a client is “assigned” to a Staff member, then that client will only be visible to that particular Staff member (and no other Staff). 

Staff members can schedule and interact directly with any clients visible to them. Admins and Superadmins can see all the Staff member’s scheduled appointments with any client right on the Calendar view in PocketSuite.

Limited can ONLY be assigned jobs – that’s it. When a Limited member is assigned a job, they can view the date/time and service details, but are unable to view any client name or contact info, nor can the Limited member view the price or cost of said service. Limited members are designed to be sent to a location, do the work, then report back to the Admin or Superadmin. After each appointment the Limited member is assigned to, the Pro can tap the COMPLETE button on the appointment which will notify the Admin or Superadmin that said job has been completed.

Invoicing & Charging – How It Works

Admins and Superadmins can invoice any client on the main Clients list, and can charge any credit card they have entered and stored into PocketSuite. It is important to note that all client payments are direct deposited into the checking account that was added by the Superadmin into the Superadmin’s PocketSuite account. Only the Superadmin can add, delete or edit bank information in the app. Admins cannot re-direct client payments to any bank account different from what is set by the Owner.

Staff members can invoice clients that are assigned to or share with them. Staff members can also charge any client’s card information that was given to them by said client. All client payments are direct deposited into the Superadmin’s checking account. Admins and Superadmins can see (from their PocketSuite home page) all income activity performed by each Staff member so as to monitor the flow of payments coming in and being initiated by their staff.

Limited members have no direct client access. Thus they are unable to invoice or charge any client.

Paying Your Pros

Every Pro (whether it be an Admin, Staff or Limited) can enter their checking account into their respective PocketSuite account. Payments you send Pros are direct deposited there.

Only Superadmins can send payments to Pros. To send a payment to a Pro, open your Staffing entry (from the PocketSuite home page), and swipe left on any Pro listed to be given the option to PAY PRO.

You can send one-off payments to Pros, or pay out the pro on an itemized staffed jobs basis.

The terms of sending payment are as follows:

  • ACH Transfer: Enable your checking account to send ACH transfers, and then you can send payments to Pros from your checking account. The fee is 1% (paid by you, the Superadmin) and it takes 1-2 business days to reach your Pro’s checking account.
  • Debit Card pay out: You can send payments to your Pros via the debit card you have on file in PocketSuite. The fee is 2.70% (paid by you, the Superadmin) and it takes 1-2 business days to reach your Pro’s checking account.