Free Processing Credits (up to $2,000)

We are so excited for you to give PocketSuite a try. PocketSuite will help you #savetime, #delightmoreclients, and #growyourbusiness. We want to invest in you as you are ramping up on PocketSuite. Congrats, you are eligible for a 7-day free trial as well as up to $2,000 of free payment processing.

To activate this offer:

1) Download and open the PocketSuite app

2) Activate a free trial of PocketSuite under Settings > Upgrade account by March 24th, 2018

3) You can process up to $2,000 of payments for free during the 7 day free trial (note: you will be charged the flat 2.7% on the payment, and then you will receive a deposit to your bank the first week of April to return the processing fees)

Frequently asked questions

1) How Do I Get My Free Processing Credits? 

You will receive a payment in your bank via PocketSuite by April 10th (Note: If you don't have a bank account on file, please go to Settings : Start Getting Paid to add it to receive your new signup gift). Your standard processing fees will be charged on all of your payments processed this month. However, you will get the full processing fee back on up to $2,000 of payment processing fees during your 7-day free trial during the first week of April.