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We are so excited for you to give PocketSuite a try. PocketSuite will help you #savetime, #delightmoreclients, and #growyourbusiness. We want to invest in you as you are ramping up on PocketSuite.

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4) After the 30 days, fees will be refunded to your bank account for the first $1,000 processed during that time

Recap on How It Works

You will receive a payment in your bank via PocketSuite (Note: If you don't have a bank account on file, please go to Settings : Start Getting Paid to add it to receive your new signup gift). Your standard processing fees will be charged on all of your payments processed for the 30 days, up to $1,000. However, you will get the full processing fees back on up to $1,000 of payment processing fees during the 30 days.

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