Bring your own bundles
Bring your own bundles and get a custom machine made wig.
The price giving is only for the wig construction.
Extra will be charged for customization, wash and conditioning.
If the bundles are used, they must be freshly shampooed or extra will be charged.
Please make sure that the quality of the hair purchased is great. I will not be responsible for the bad quality of the hair purchases by the client. In the event that it occurs clients will be notified.
Turn around time is 5-7 business day.
Full name *
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Info on the hair purchased by the client *
How soon the wig is needed *
5-7 business days
expedite(extra $40)
Wig attachments (extra fee will be charged)*
All attachments
Combs onl
Elastic band
Stock cap size *
I want custom sizes($25)
Small(21-21.5 circumference
Medium(22-22.5 circumference)
Large(23-24 circumference)
wig customization*
yes(extra $60
Parting style*
Free styl(part anywhere
Center part
Left part
ight part
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