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The form helps me understand what your dog needs & what your goals are. The more information you provide, the better I'm able to determine which program(s) would be the best fit.

Please be aware that I follow the American Veterinary Society for Animal Behavior's recommendation for using only reward-based training methods. So, I don't use aversive tools (choke, slip, prong, e-collars, bark collars, etc). While working with me, I request that you not use these tools as they may interfere with your dog's training progress/results.

Please allow up to 72 hours for a response. If greater than that, please text 218-489-4185 or email

I look forward to assisting you in your dog training journey.
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Did the problem behavior begin suddenly, or has it slowly emerged over time? When did you first notice it?
How does your dog's problem behavior you are seeking help for make you feel?
What have you tried so far to change any undesired behavior(s)?
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Do you have other dogs? Please tell me about them (names, breeds, ages, sex)? How do your dogs get along?
Do you currently have any other pets? Please tell me about them. How does your dog get along with them?
Where did you get your dog from?
When did you adopt (purchase, inherit, acquire, etc.) your dog?
Is your dog up to date (for his age) on vaccinations (rabies, parvo, distemper)? Proof is required before any in-person training can begin.*
Has you dog ever growled/bitten/snapped/lunged at anyone (human or animal). Please provide a description of any incidents. There's no judgment here, I just want to understand your dog better.*
Has your dog ever bruised, scratched, nicked, or otherwise injured anyone (human or animal)? Please describe
When was your dog's last visit to the vet? What for? What was the result of the visit?
Have you discussed your concerns about your dog's behavior with your dog's veterinarian? What was the result of any such discussion?
Please list any medications your dog is taking and reason for taking them.
Please list any past medical issues such as illnesses, injuries, surgeries, etc.
What do you know about your dog's past history before coming to live with you?
What type of equipment do you use when walking your dog? (type of collar, type of harness, type of leash, etc)?
Check all that apply. For potty breaks and/or outdoor playtime does your dog use:
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If you have a physical fence, please describe it (material, approximate size, etc)
What food does your dog eat for meals and snacks?
Please list any food allergies/sensitivities your dog has*
How many times a day does your dog eat? Does (s)he finish it? Fast or slow eater?
How does your dog respond to you approaching him while he's eating a meal or chewing on a bone/toy?
What does your dog do when they see an unfamiliar dog?
How does your dog respond to unfamiliar people?
What does your dog do while at the veterinarian office? Select as many as apply
Approach staff with wiggly body and widely wagging tail (or wiggly butt for docked))
Avoid staff, hide behind you, etc.
Cower, shiver, etc
Growl, stare hard, stiff bodied, etc.
Bite/ attempt to bite staff and/or you
Bark at staff
Pull away/ try to escape from staff or you
Struggle if restrained for exam
Does your dog have any parts of his/her body that (s)he doesn't like being touched? What is his/her response to these areas being touched.
What does your dog do when you try to brush them, bathe them, or clip their nails?
Describe your dog's daily routine.
What are your dog's favorite activities?
What would you say are your dog's top 3 favorite foods?
What kind of toys does your dog enjoy?
What does your dog do when you are not home?
Where does your dog sleep at night?
What kind of physical/mental exercise does your dog get?
Have you done any training with your dog or has your dog had any training prior to living with you?
What was the basic approach used for any previous training?
Did you get the results you were looking for with the previous training?
What would you like to see happen as a result of training? (ie What would like to be able to do with your dog that you can't currently do)?
What are your top 3 goals for your dog?
What do you most love/enjoy about your dog?
Are you open to working with me virtually via Zoom or similar? I have both in-person and virtual options available depending on your location. Virtual is best for some types of cases.
No, I am not comfortable (or am unable) to work with you virtually.
Yes, I am all about working virtually! I love it! What a fab idea!
Maybe. I'm not sure how it would work, but I'm game to try it.
Anything else you'd like to add?
How do you prefer to be contacted?
Both. Cover all bases I say!
Whatever. I'll get it either way.