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I am losing my temper WAY more than i ever imagined, & I hate it
I want a better relationship with my child
I want the tools to be the BEST parent I can be - so I can be different than my parents
I want to get on the same page with my partner - both Kind & Firm
Other - I'll explain below
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Calm & effective : Compassionately Powerful as mom/dad
Confidence - To know I'm supporting my child to thrive in life
Connection - so we have a better relationship than I had with my parents
Ease - I want the secrets to parenting smarter (not harder)
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I need this change, for the well-being of myself and my family
I know I want change, but feel overwhelmed
I don't want to commit time/money to make this change right now, but I would love some small tips
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I'm ready! Just need a few more details to finalize investing in the Transformation Program
I would love to get on a call to discuss options for working together
I just wanted to ask a small question
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