No client set up. No client downloads. No need to force your clients to do any legwork to pay or schedule you.

Uber convenience for clients from their smartphones...

Pro Experience (in app)

Client Experience (via SMS)


Appointments via Text

  • Clients receive all appointments you send them via text message

  • Appointments sent with URL link for confirmation or reference by clients

  • Clients can instantly add any appointment directly to their iCal

Make Payments

  • Clients can pay any invoice you send them directly via text

  • They tap on the invoice link, enter credit card details, and pay instantly

  • For repeat clients, they text "/pay" for immediate payment

    (See our shortcode feature section)

Real-Time Direct Messaging

  • Clients message you just like standard SMS text

  • They can send single text messages

  • They can even send photos and attachments

Online Bookings

  • Clients can easily access your online scheduling link (that comes with your PocketSuite account)

  • They can browse your entire list of services, packages, sessions, etc.

  • They can browse you real-time calendar availability and submit booking requests

15,000+ service professionals use PocketSuite today for their payment, scheduling and client needs