PocketSuite gives you the ability to easily create, save and post Classes online for your clients to book themselves into. See a quick demo below or read through some of the many features you can take advantage of within the app.

PocketSuite’s Class Feature is simple to setup and use right away!

  • Create Classes for either individual 1-on-1’s or for groups.
  • Create the class and schedule dates right away or save and add dates later on.
  • Once a Class is scheduled for one or more dates it will show online and your clients can enroll themselves into the class.
  • Clients will be added to a waitlist if the class is full and added immediately to the class if a spot opens up.
  • If the client has the PocketSuite app downloaded they will be automatically checked into the class upon arrival… if not you can manually check them in under the Roster.

For a walk through watch this video here!