Podcast: How to Convert First Time Client into a Repeat Client


Listen to Episode #3: How to Convert First Time Client into a Repeat Client on Spreaker.

Why is it important to get repeat clients?
What do you do to get them to come back?
How do you keep clients for a long time?
When you get clients from existing client referrals versus through paid advertising, do you see a difference in your retention rate?
How to stay connected with clients who have only ever booked you once?

Podcast: Why You Don’t Need an Assistant


Listen to Episode #4: Why You Don’t Need an Assistant on Spreaker.

When things get busy, the first inclination of many independent service professionals is to hire an assistant and why this is a bad strategy.

Does this mean without an assistant you need to work harder?
What can I do instead of have an assistant? What technology can help?
Do assistants as gatekeepers take away from the personal connection you need with clients?
The latest trend of professionals hiring virtual assistants?

Podcast: How to Use Facebook and Instagram for Business

facebook instagram

Listen to Episode #5: How to Use Facebook and Instagram for Business on Spreaker.

Many independent service professionals use social media sites like Instagram and Facebook for their personal lives, but how can they effectively be used for their business?

On this episode of Professional on the Go, we cover common questions business professionals have about using Facebook and Instagram for business, such as:

– What is the difference between my personal brand and my business brand?
– How do I make the transition from personal to business?
– Do I need to start a separate profile for my business? What do I post? How often?
– Should I try paid advertisements on Facebook and Instagram?
– Should I be talking about politics?
– How do I determine which social media tool, Facebook or Instagram, is best for my business?

We also speak with solopreneur Robert Forto of Alaska Dog Works. He shares about his business as an independent service professional, why he chooses to use Facebook versus Instagram as his primary social media tool for his business, what types of content he posts to spark engagement, and how he turns social media engagements into business.

Podcast: Can You Grow Faster with a Squarespace or WordPress Website?

squarespace wordpress

Listen to Episode #6: Can You Grow Faster with a Squarespace or WordPress Website on Spreaker.

The SBA says 35% of small businesses don’t have a website. On this episode, we dive into the question: Do independent service professionals really need a website? If so, what needs to be on it and what’s the best way to start one? We cover:

– What should be on the homepage of a website?
– What are a lot of service professionals missing from their website?
– Many independent service professionals have never set up a website. Where do they start? Which website provider is best to start with?
– How do you measure the success of a website? How do you know whether your website is helping your business?
– Who can help service professionals create their website?

We also speak with Branden Laske, Marketing Lead at PocketSuite. He has built and scaled websites for both e-commerce companies and service companies on the local and global level. He shares why independent service professionals should care about search engine optimization, which tool service professionals should use to build their website, and how to figure out how much functionality the website needs to be successful.

Podcast: Do Google Ads Work for Small Business?

google ads

Listen to Episode #7: Do Google Ads Work for Small Business on Spreaker.

In the previous episode, we covered how to get your website to rank high in Google’s search results organically by building your website with search engine optimization (SEO) in mind. Now, we talk about paying to get your website to show up on Google. Is this a good idea for small businesses? Google employees and Google Adwords experts Michael Martina and Denise Jayne are here to answer:

– When should a small business owner use Google Adwords?
– What are the best practices for small business owners using Google Adwords?
– Should service professionals target keywords or audiences in their online advertising campaigns?
– How should you treat prospects who are in different places in the purchasing journey?
– How should small businesses think about whether their investment in Google Adwords is worth it? What metrics should they monitor and evaluate?
– What is re-marketing and how does it work?
– What resources are available for small businesses and independent service professionals who are looking for help with Google Adwords?

Michael Martina is Technical Solutions Manager for Google Adwords and Denise Jayne is Head of Technology Partner Implementations for Google Adwords.

Podcast: Using Excel for Small Business Accounting


Listen to Episode #8: Using Excel for Small Business Accounting on Spreaker.

Many small business owners and independent service professionals are comfortable using Excel spreadsheets to manage their business finances, but is this really the best way?

On this episode, we discuss when using Excel for business finances works great and when using Excel falls short. Excel can be time consuming and end up creating a lot of unnecessary work, so it’s important to know when it’s time to ditch Excel for a proper accounting tool.

Here are some of the questions we answer on this episode:

– Can independent service professionals use Excel spreadsheets for their business to keep track of their finances?
– What other tools can keep track of small business finances and money?
– Are there Excel small business templates?
– What data should service professionals look at each month to see how their business is progressing?
– In what areas does Excel fall short in helping businesses manage their finances?
– What are some ways small businesses can save time and money managing their finances?

Podcast: How Square Changed the Game for Small Businesses


Listen to Episode #10: How Square Changed the Game for Small Businesses on Spreaker.

It used to be a nightmare to set up your business to accept credit card payments. Now, it’s incredibly easy, and thankfully so because 90% of customers’ payments are coming in the form of credit and debit cards. If you don’t accept credit cards, it’s going to be difficult to grow.

On this episode, we walk you through how easy it is to set up credit card payment processing for your business. We answer:

– What are the different options for how businesses can get setup to process payments?
– What are the steps to setting up credit card payment processing?
– What is the cost of accepting credit cards? Are there fees?
– What are the tradeoffs to accepting credit cards versus cash or check?
– Are there any gotchas in accepting credit cards? Are we liable for our customers credit card data? What’s the deal with disputes and chargebacks?

Christina Reichers, the lead for Cash Flow Products at Square, joins us to share what Square saw in the market that led to the credit card revolution for SMBs, how a business can get set up with Square, who are good candidates for Square, and how businesses can determine which product is best for them.

Podcast: Can I Use Venmo for My Business?


Listen to Episode #11: Can I Use Venmo for My Business on Spreaker.

Square revolutionized the credit card processing market for small business, and they are a very popular payment processing solution. But there are so many other mobile apps out there now that make it possible for you to get paid online – Venmo, CashApp, ApplePay, AmazonPay, GooglePay, FacebookPay. We discuss:

– Which payment apps can be used for business as an individual service professional and which should just be for personal use?
– Are there any limits to using these payment apps for business?
– How do you figure out which payment processing solution is best for you?
– Does your payment processing solution have to integrate with your other business tools?

Jim Angleton, the President and CEO at Aegis FinServ Corp, a global financial and business intelligence firm, is here to discuss whether or not independent service professionals should use Venmo for their business. He shares some limitations around using a payment system like Venmo, whether or not there are security issues, and whether or not these apps check your credit history and credit score.

Podcast: What You Need to Know about WhatsApp for Business


Listen to Episode #12: What You Need to Know about WhatsApp for Business on Spreaker.

On this episode of The Professional-on-the-Go Podcast, we are talking about the popular communication app WhatsApp and its applications for independent service professionals and small business. Our guest is Natalie Zfat, a social media expert and Forbes contributor who has partnered with some of the most iconic brands in the world, including Facebook, Samsung, LinkedIn and American Express. We talk about:

– What is WhatsApp? What does it do?
– Why are people using WhatsApp for Business?
– What’s the difference between WhatsApp, Skype for business, and Facebook messenger?
– How are small businesses using WhatsApp for Business for communicating with clients?
– Can WhatsApp replace a customer contact database?
– Can you use WhatsApp on a desktop?
– How does a small business decide if WhatsApp is right for their business?