Free Discovery Call
Booking your free discovery call gets you a 10 minute call with Kathleen to discuss training opportunities and solutions personalized for you.
Free · 15 min
In Home Consultation (one lesson)
I come to you to learn about your dog's behavior and needs.

This is necessary for behavior cases that will involve intense behavior change plans.

We’ll create a behavior plan and learn a few things to get started.

We can introduce one or two new behaviors in an introduction session.
$160 · 1 hr
Ready & Wise
This program consists of traditional private lessons, teaching you to live happily with and train your dog.

This package is also appropriate for behavior modification.

This js for the “DIY-er” Thats done pretty well so far, but needs some instruction on how to make the best out of their relationship with their dog.

Cases with an injurious aggression history will be invoiced rather than having the option to select a package.
$710 · 6 sessions
Young & Wise
Puppy owners start here!

Get a head start on your socialization and training plans with your puppy. Puppies must be under 18 weeks to qualify for this unique program.

Get answers to questions about everything puppy! Jumpstart the rest of your life with your dog and get a discount on all future training packages.

This expires one month from purchase.
$685 · 8 sessions
Video Consultation
Clients may schedule Teleconferencing to receive instruction in the home by video feed.

50 minutes of Instruction.
$45 $42.75 · 1 hr
Steady & Wise
This program will get you the fast results you need.

Jumping, barking, poor leash manners solved in a 6 week structured program.

3 training sessions a week plus transfer sessions, follow ups and equipment all included. And lifetime support on the behaviors covered for the life of your dog.
$1,950 · 24 sessions
Wiserdog +monthly
This is best for jumping prevention House, leash and outing manners.

One introductory session to create your customized training plan. Day training sessions and private lessons scheduled to meet your goals.

1:1 (day training) sessions are training sessions/field trips where your trainer trains your dog - either in your home or as a field trip to generalize behavior.

The weekly follow up shows you what your trainer has worked on, and how to reinforce the learned behavior.
$1,150 · 13 sessions
Three Private Lessons
Three In Person one-hour coaching sessions.

Package expires in two minutes.
$385 · 3 sessions
Training for other animals
Do you have a horse, goat, pig, bird or some other animal that needs some training? Are you getting swarmed at the gate or need to be able to handle your animal safely?

Let’s meet and create a plan to help you live your best life with the animals you care for.
$60 · 1 hr, 15 min
Puppy Socialization Drop In (8-17 weeks)
Get your puppy out to socialize!

Puppies with the first two rounds of booster vaccinations (parvovirus, parainfluenza DHPP) that are under 17 weeks old are eligible.

In this group class get common questions answered learn now to teach a few vital behaviors and get started on the right paw.
$22 · drop-in class
Audit any class
Audit any group class without your dog to learn and observe.

Auditors may take notes and ask questions between demonstrations, are not permitted to disrupt the flow of classes. Video is not permitted without explicit written permission. Please bring your own chair if desired.

Please send a reply with which class date and time you im intend on auditing.

Deposits will not be refunded.

Currently Masks and social distancing are required.
$8 · TBD
4 Pack of Group Classes
Package of any four group classes.

Package expires 2 months after purchase date.
$132 $118.80 · 4 sessions
Twice Weekly VIP
Twice weekly visits include one day training session and an instruction session weekly for one month. (8 visits).

Only for dogs under 9 months of age.

Currently available for scheduling on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
$770 · 8 sessions
Field Trip Day School
Send your dog off for a day of adventure in Kathleen’s “puppy bus”!

Your dog will get picked up in the morning for a day of care.

Please leave your dog’s meals to be used for training and pack any equipment and toys your dog might need for training in a “Doggie Go Bag”

Your dog will get several mini sessions and learn to crate in the car.

Vehicle temperature is remotely monitored for safety.
$85 · TBD