Free Discovery Call
Private Training
In our private training sessions we work with you and your family to teach and train your own dog and begin to find the joy in having a canine partner. We can work on anything from leash walking and potty training to behavior modification or learning something new and fun. In Private training lessons you will be given exercises to work on in between sessions, and given support as you progress through your goals with your dog.
Group Classes
Group classes are a great way to get instruction and teach your dogs skills in a new environment.

Group Classes are offered in Jeffersontown, Kentucky next door to the BlackAcre Nature Preserve.
Home School (Day Training)
Home School and VIP (Very Important Pet) Training services are a great way to get your dog trained while you're occupied with family, work or life. Our trainer comes to your home and teaches your dog new skills in 45 minute sessions 2 to 3 days a week. On one day a week the trainer shows you what your dog has learned.

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Leash Walking
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Field Trip Training