Free Discovery Call
10 minutes
Booking your free discovery call gets you a 10 minute call with a team member to discuss training opportunities and solutions personalized for you.
In Home Consultation (first lesson)
1 hour
I come to your home to learn about your dog's behavior and needs. We'll cover your most pressing concerns, and can potentially cover up to 3 skills in a session. There's some human learning involved here too. We'll set up a plan to continue, or you can just use as a consult to continue on your own with resources.

This is necessary for behavior cases that will involve intense behavior change plans.

We’ll create a behavior plan and work on a few exercises each session in order to reach your goals with your dog.

Cancellations must be made 72 hours in advance for a full refund.
Cancellation or changes made within 24 hours of the appointment are subject to a rescheduling fee equal to appointment deposit.
Private Training - In Facility 55 minutes
55 minutes
Private lessons can be a very effective way to get behavior from your dog. We offer sessions in our facility to work on any variety of topics, from manners or behavior to sports.

1:1 private training session held at 3210 Tucker Station Road, Jeffersontown KY 40299

Please bring your dog hungry and on a leash or harness for the lesson.

The driveway leads to a grey building on the back of the lot, located next to Black Acre Forest, toward Taylorsville Road. There will be a small yard sign next to the driveway.

Please use the driveway that leads to the outbuilding (not the private residence).

The facility is not fully climate controlled so please dress for the weather. Unfortunately we do not have an on-site public restroom.

Cancellations must be made the week before for a full refund. You may reschedule up to 12 hours before your appointment and apply the deposit to a different date.
In-Home Training - 3 Sessions
4 payments of $110
3 sessions
Three In Person one-hour coaching sessions at your home.
Offered Tuesdays and Thursdays Only.
Package expires in two months from first session use.

Within 15 minutes driving of our location.

Greater distance is subject to availability and travel fee.
Online Zoom Lesson (45 minutes)
45 minutes
45 minutes of Instruction via video conference. This is a very convenient way to teach, since you're teaching the dog anyway!

The conference link will be texted or emailed to you.

There is a $20 non-refundable deposit hold for this appointment. The balance will be charged upon completion.

Please practice your video setup ahead of time so that the trainer will be able to view you and the dog in the session.
Steady & Wise - Behavioral Board and Train
4 payments of $2,125
30 sessions
Only for Dogs over 7 Months This program is designed to achieve good house and walking manners.

• Fully Customized Board and Train 4-9 weeks
• Dog Training Treat Pouch, Treats, Leash, & Other Equipment
• Doggie Language Book
• Lifetime e-mail & Text support on trained behaviors.
In Facility Private Training - 3 sessions
4 payments of $75
3 sessions
Three in facility 55 minute coaching sessions.

Package expires in two months from first session.
Day School
10 hours
Day Training School
Monday Wednesday Friday

Have you ever wished you could just drop your dog off at school and they could come home tired, enriched & appropriately socialized, and with new skills?

Drop Off Times will be Between 7:15 AM and 9:00 AM the Friday of the appointment, and you can pick your dog up any time between 4 and 6:00 PM. Please bring all of your dog's daily kibble ration for use at school in a labled ziplock bag.

Be sure to leave about 15-20 minutes upon pickup to review the skills that your dog has been trained.

Tentative Schedule:
7:15-9:00am Drop off
Wait in crates until all classmates arrive
9:30 Morning Training Session Rotation (Each dog gets 15 -30 minutes with their trainer)
Small Group Supervised Social Time (if appropriate) Or sniffy walk and playtime with trainer
12-1:30 pm Naptime
Sniffy Walk / Treadmill session / Playtime with trainer / PM Training Session Rotation
Settle time / Training Session Rotation
4-6pm Pickup
$20 Gift
Give someone you care about $20 off their service or save it for the future!
Day Boarding
12 hours
Does your pup need a crash pad for the day?
Let them hang with us! They'll get out to potty and play with others or just with us!

This service does NOT include training sessions. Please book Day Training for this.
In-Facility Assessment
30 minutes
Young and Wise - 1 week
1 week
For puppies less than 18 weeks old. Potty Training, Socializing, Grooming, Teething, Manners and More!

Get your pup started the Wiserdog way.

Special Pricing for Puppies under 18 weeks.

Puppies must have second round of vaccines.
Executive Board and Train
4 payments of $1,125
25 sessions
Our executive board and train program will get your dog listening and walking nicely.

Your trainer will work with your dog throughout the day every day to teach and proof the skills needed for an enjoyable dog.

This program is appropriate for Foundation manners and polite family dogs.

Each program will be customized for the individual dog enrolled.
Day Training 3 days/week
4 payments of $57.50
3 sessions
Day training sessions with our trainers include 3 training sessions/day.
2 Week Young and Wise (for perfect puppies!)
4 payments of $500
18 sessions
Two Week Program
Only for puppies 12-24 weeks old: Includes:
2 Weeks of Puppy Board and train*
Structured to the days of a professional dog trainer. We focus on potty training, crate training and helping your pup feel comfortable in a home away from their siblings. Your puppy will get several field trips to learn the world is a safe place where they can focus on the person holding the leash appropriate default behaviors.
Your trainer will be working on establishing manners, jumping prevention and leash walking skills daily.
We will address resource guarding prevention for puppies, and age appropriate elements of the "Puppy Culture" puppy raising program.
Breed Type appropriate grooming training (exposure to the blow drier/nail trims/baths)
Custom field trips coordinated with owners depending on hobbies (boating, camping, livestock)
Off-Property Socialization Field Trips for a brave and well adjusted adult dog.
Dog Training Treat Pouch
2 Day School Days after the initial training completion. (Monday/Wednesday/Friday)
2 In-home Private lessons after pickup.

Take $300 off additional adult board and train programs.

The Fine Print: Puppies must have had proof of age-appropriate vaccinations Generally this is a series of a combination vaccine against Distemper/ Hepatitis/ Parvovirus/ Parainfluenza. We require the puppy have two rounds of the vaccine before any field trips with us.
Day Training MWF/ 4 weeks
4 payments of $240
12 sessions
Monday Wednesday Friday Day Training Package... for a Whole Month!

OR 12 Day Training visits to be used within 6 weeks.

Drop off between 7:30-9am

Pickup between 4-6 pm
$10 off $100 gift
$40 off $200
$60 off $300
Gift certificate offer!

Save $60 off on a $300 gift certificate good for any Wiserdog services!
Guided Canine Fitness Session
45 minutes
With the help of our trainer, visit us for a mental and physical workout for your dog.

You’ll be guided through the use of our Fitpaws equipment and exercises as well as the use of our Jog-A-Dog treadmill.

Help your aging dog move a little better or just wear your young one out. Fitness excercises for dogs can help them be more mindful about where they step and prevent injury or build condition.

40 minute sessions at our location.
Dog Sport Coaching
45 minutes
Want some personal coaching on AKC obedience, Conformation or nosework?

Sport private lesson coaching is available for aspiring and experienced competitors.
Board and Train - Perfect Pet
4 payments of $650
28 sessions
Our board and train program will get your dog listening and walking nicely.

Your trainer will work with your dog throughout the day every day to teach and proof the skills needed for an enjoyable dog.

This program is appropriate for foundation manners and polite family dogs.

Each program will be customized for the individual dog enrolled.

Owners will schedule 2 lessons in facility with their trainer while their dog is in training, and the third lesson your trainer will schedule the lesson in your home for adjustments in the training plan while your dog still has a week or so left in their program. You get 2 follow up lessons after your dog has completed their program, and discounted in-home lessons as needed after program completion.

Expect trainer check ins every three days.
Obedience Club