Puppy Class
4 classes
1 hour
We're starting a new format for puppy classes starts march 2023

You no longer have to wait for the classes to start unless our enrollment sheet is full. you'll have class for the next 4 weeks and we'll work on just the things to get our youngest dogs started on the right foot.

We'll cover appropriate socialization, mouthing, biting, potty training and other things your puppy will need to know for a happy start to life.

The first 16 weeks of life is the most vital part of raising the best pet you've ever had. Get it right and have fun growing with us.

Class will meet in the lobby of the Shelbyville Road Veterinary Clinic.
Follow this link for what to bring:
Conformation Drop In Class
55 minutes
Are you looking to train your dog to show in conformation? Come out and work on your handling and presentation skills, get your dog ready for their next or first show. Learn about AKC conformation and ring procedures.

Please bring a show lead and bait or treats.

We offer discounts for junior handlers, Just ask!
8/27/2023 - Reactive Rover - 11:00am Sundays - No Dogs First Class
3 classes
1 hour
Surprisingly, Your reactive dog can fit well into a group class IF it's the right group class.

We will meet for 8 weeks on Sunday

This co-taught class will set you up for success every step of the way. We'll be using patterns from Leslie McDevitt's book Control Unleashed to get you and your dog able to work around other dogs.

These methods work and change your dog's perspective and excitement level around other dogs.

The first session is a HUMANS ONLY orientation, so bring your notepad, your questions and be ready to learn the skills that'll set right your relationship with your dog.

This is a 8 week class. Held at a private facility in Louisville, KY. Climate control is sparse, so please dress for the elements when working in our covered training space.
10/5/2023 - Manners - 6:30pm Thursdays - No Dogs First Class
6 classes
55 minutes
We will meet for 6 weeks*
Dogs older than 5 years should seek private lessons.

***First Class is HUMANS ONLY***
How Dogs Learn & How to train your dog.
Using food effectively, Leash Handling, Harness & Equipment Fitting, Exercise & Mental Stimulation for adolescent dogs.

We will cover: Attention, Leash Walking, Jumping Prevention, Wait (for food), Wait (at thresholds), Distractions, Down, Settle, Stay, Dog Human Play. Come when called & More.

We focus on building a strong foundation for the handler and the dog to have connection and ease into distractions with success.

For the SECOND class with your dog, please bring your hungry dog, a leash and collar (or harness) and a variety of soft small and smelly treats.
Check this link for more detail