Threading is arguably the best and safest form of hair removal. It can be done anywhere on the face. And it perfectly compliments facial services (Except for peels or microdermabrasion).

It is a gentle alternative to waxing with no risk of burning or tearing the skin. The only risk is possibly a tiny pinch. It is very hygienic as I use a new piece of sanitized thread on each client. It is also extremely precise with little room for error when done by an advanced professional.
I offer a unique array of brow and lash services. Combine the perfect options for eyes that really stand out!
Skin Care
Some of these treatments are only decided on by me as your professional skincare provider and may require an introductory visit before moving on to more in depth options.

In some cases, these may easily be paired with threading, brow, or lash appointments.
All my waxing options are for the body only. For facial hair removal, I offer threading as a gentler, more hygienic alternative.