Express Massage
30 min massage ....:Short massage designed to focus on a designated area or areas. A customized massage
$55 · 30 min
30 min reflexology. Includes aromatherapy and foot scrub
$45 · 30 min
30 Min Stretch Session
30 min stretch session .... Increase your range of motion and flexibility with a full body assisted stretch session. Bring clothes to change into or come dressed in active wear.
$65 · 30 min
Youth Massage
30 min kids massage .....Massage designed for young athletes and active individuals in high school or younger. Parental consent required. A combination of sports massage and deep tissue. Can be customized for specific needs.
$45 · 45 min
45-Min Pregnancy Massage
45 min Pregnancy massage .... massage for pregnant females to provide relief. Be mindful that massage is not always suggested during your first and last trimester. Please consult with your doctor.
$65 · 45 min
Sports,Swedish Or Deep Tissue Massage
1 hour massage ....
Medium pace
Medium to deep pressure
Muscle specific work

Customized to fit your needs
$105 · 1 hr
90-Minute Massage
90 min massage

Customized massage tailored around your individual needs
$145 · 1 hr, 30 min
2-Hour Massage
2 hour massage
Customized to fit your individual needs.
$185 · 2 hr