Clarity Call
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Let’s Connect! This complimentary call will help you gain clarity, learn more about how coaching may help you move forward, and answer any questions you have.

Whether you’re ready to start 1:1 Coaching, Book a Reiki Healing Session, Join a Group Program, or simply want to chat about the options...

Expect to feel safe, heard, and supported. 😃

✔ I hold a safe and sacred space for the vision that you have for your life, for your healing, and for your journey.

✔ I listen deeply with my whole self for what you desire most.

✔ I help you uncover what is holding you back from feeling positive, focused, and excited about your life.

Synergy is created when you have a partner walking beside you. It’s powerful momentum forward towards your goals, allowing you to reach them faster than you would have on your own. Resilience coaching promotes Balanced Success through a Restorative Lifestyle, so you can Work Smarter, Play Harder, and Rest Better.
Free · 30 min
Emerging Resilient- Empowered and Equipped
Emerging Resilient Coaching Program
$47 · due every 4 weeks

ER $564
90 min Reiki -100%
6 1:1 sessions
$124.75 · due every 4 weeks
Emerging Resilient, Empowered & Equipped
Emerging Resilient Coaching Program

Pay-in-full bonus: $50 credit towards next Reiki Healing session
$564 · single payment