Strategy Room
1 hour
VIP Day- Strategy session to get you back on the profit road by auditing your sales process, creating a game plan and clearing bottleneck

Private Coaching Session
*Calls in Eastern Time
Pet CEO Members Community
due every month
Like-minded entrepreneurs setting CEO intention and celebrating wins together

🌟Bi weekly group coaching sessions

💗Access to get quick expert advice on personal questions
💗Access to previous Masterclasses

🥂Accountability from like- minded doers
🥂Save time accomplishing your business goals with a front row seat
Apply for Automated CEO
15 minutes
15 min chemistry session to match you within our program

Systematic process to scale your business and move you into a CEO seat.

12 Month Program
•Weekly Live Coaching
•Positioning your offer
•Leverage your audience
•Grow your email list
•Package your story
•Sales and Marketing Strategy
•Scaling your team
•CEO leadership
•Mastering your presentation
•No tech experience necessary
Digital Admin Support
15 minutes
Our team of virtual support can help knock out the tasks you know good and well you don’t want to do.

Price Sheet

$400 20 hours
$800 40 hours
$1200 60 hours

-lead Magnets
-tech set up
-mock ups
-promotional videos
-tech support
-group management
-course creation
-social media scheduling
Natasha O'Banion's Signature Edition
due every month
Natasha’s exclusive PocketSuite edition. Get access to her forms and contracts as well as tips and tricks ✨
Start. Scale. Sail- Course and Membership Creators
1 hour
Learn how to start, scale then sail a high ticket course, program or membership community

Turn your expertise into an automated serving platform

*6 weeks (1 hour per week)