Serenity Signature Facial
The perfect introduction to the Serenity way. A comprehensive deep cleansing treatment including a mild exfoliating peel, gentle and thorough extractions (no pore left unturned), advanced facial massage, and a specialty treatment mask. Skin is left super hydrated, smooth and glowing. A classic for every one, every skin.
$85 · 1 hr
Detox Facial
This facial combines the power of massage and enzymatic exfoliation with super-rehydration. Invigorating facial massage for increased elasticity is coupled with lymph stimulation for toxin and fluid release. This facial uncovers your dewy, revitalized skin in a beautiful pairing of Mother Nature and able hands. Ideal for dry, lackluster skin. Pore clearing extractions included.
$85 · 1 hr
The Ultimate Facial
This facial includes two cleanses, chemical exfoliation, microdermabrasion pore extractions and LED light treatment. This facial with double exfoliation will uncover it. The process is simple: exfoliate away a substantial portion of the outer layer of skin which often holds age spots, fine lines, and textural irregularities caused by years of acne or sleeping on corduroy pillowcases.Over the course of several treatments, skin can become markedly smoother and brighter
$125 · 1 hr, 30 min