Yoda's Dog Bundle
8 sessions
Package INCLUDES Yoda's Life Skills AND 4 Field Trip sessions. Field Trip locations may vary each week, but will be within Two Harbors.
NOTE: Dates of class are only visible if choosing class only. It does not show in the package. You'll be enrolled in the first openings available: Wednesday for class & Thrusday for Field Trips & notified of dates. Apologies for this inconvenience.

**What to Expect:**
Engage in four exciting weekly lessons, conducted virtually, to master essential skills in the comfort of home. Witness your dog's growth as they acquire critical skills for peacefully living with you. Add spice to your training journey by opting to join real-world excursions to practice skills during training walks.

Comprehensive Course Outline:
The four-week program is dedicated to establishing the foundations for good manners. Your dog will learn key skills such as sit, come, leave it, and more. Additionally, you'll gain valuable insights into proactive problem prevention, addressing issues like jumping, barking, and counter-surfing before they arise. Four Guided Field Trips in town further enhance the learning experience for you & your dog.

Exclusive Learning Materials:
You'll receive a complimentary welcome kit designed to enhance your training journey.

**Flexible Enrollment:**
No need to wait for the next class cycle! With rolling enrollment, start whenever it suits you. Don't hesitate—commence your journey now for a more fulfilling life with your canine companion!