Serenity BehaviorCare
due every month
Serenity's exclusive Private Dog Training Subscription – Have your own personal dog trainer on standby!

**What's Included:**
- 2 one-to-one training sessions per month (Sessions can be conducted either in-person or virtually)
-Unlimited email support while the subscription is active
-Text support (limited) while the subscription is active
-Video review to support your learning journey

**Subscription Details:**
- Monthly billing until canceled
- Commitment: A minimum of 4 months (8 sessions)
- Results: Less stress, frustration, and embarrassment for you. More confidence, understanding, and calmness for your dog.

**Why Commit to 4 Months?**
Training is a journey, not a sprint. By investing in a minimum of 4 months, comprising 8 sessions, you're ensuring a solid foundation for long-lasting positive changes in your dog's behavior.

**Continuous Professional Support:**
While 4 months is the minimum commitment, the benefits of ongoing access to professional guidance are immeasurable. Maximize your investment by maintaining continuous access to expert support.

**Cancellation Policy:**
To provide flexibility, you can cancel your subscription at any time after the minimum of 4 months. However, to avoid charges for the upcoming month, kindly cancel within 36 hours of the billing date.
*Note: Sessions must be used within the month and do not carry forward