Ignite the Power of Your Design
Personalized reading using the Power of Human Design & Gene Keys

Marcela provides you with invaluable information and guidance addressing your specific intention with potent aspects in relation to purpose, life’s work, health, wealth, and relationship potentials. Diving into the power of this session will ignite energetic clarity, activate your divine essence, and align your intention to your unique design

*Personalized Session tailored to your specific intentions with laser-focus psychic-intuitive guidance with a CUSTOMIZED HUMAN DESIGN GENE KEYS READING.
*Specific Steps on how to magnetize your desires.
*Empowered Plan to express and amplify your soul blueprint.

BONUS: Marcela weaves in her highly-effective energy clearing modality to address any blocks that may be presented in connecting and expressing the fullness of your unique divine design to fully actualize your intention and desires.

90-min virtual session.Details to follow

Brilliant blessings,
$499 · 1 hr, 30 min