Goddess Essence VIP Coaching Program
18 sessions
6 month Goddess essence VIP coaching program
Your Divine Love Message
Your Personalized Divine Love Message

We appreciate your interest in receiving a gift of a personalized Divine Love Message channeled in a divinely rich intention specifically for you.

Marcela is a masterful psychic/intuitive who has channeled divine love and divine feminine messages through out the course of her light and life.

In this offer she will provide beautiful loving insight and guidance divinely channeled specifically for you and your heartsoul. These messages are always divinely attuned with the divine light of love.

The beauty of these personalized Divine Love Messages help restore your divine essence with encouraging divine guidance and any enlightening realignment opportunities that you may need right now and set to be timeless —always embraced with LOVE.

The divinely channeled messages can be on love, relationships, or any supportive insight that divinely streams on your essence behalf and where you may need guidance right now. These Divine Messages are attuned to your heart and soul's intentions as well as to cherish you on shining your love’s fullest desire.

Your Personalized Divine Love Message will be channeled and recorded in divine right timing and sent to you via email. This scheduled appointment sets the anchor on which the channeled message will be divined on when is perfect timing to download for you.

Brilliant blessings,

PS Lovingly reminded you this is a beautifully divined recording and not a live 1 on 1 appointment. Thank you.
Sacred Soul Illumination
1 hour, 30 minutes
Illuminating the essence of your soul!
You will receive laser-focused insight to the potency of your unique design, purpose, love style and power of your life lessons; dive into my soul mapping systems: Energy Astrology, Human Design, Hand Analysis, Face reading & Tarot. Create clarity with energy clearing tools to help you embody more of your brilliance and deepen into your soul essence, creating space for what emerges as we journey through this insightful & empowering 90 min virtual session.

You will receive detail information on how to prepare for your session via email.

Brilliant blessings,