Intuitive Reading (via Zoom)
Using your astrological chart, tarot, breathwork, and past, present, and future information intuited beforehand, this comprehensive reading identifies optimal paths, releases long-held blocks, and heightens intuition and joy. Required for first-time clients and recommended for birthdays and significant turning points, the focus is on healing and expansion. For streamlining purposes, birth data and $200 Venmo donation (handle: lisa-rosman) required to confirm appointment. Zoom link sent right beforehand! ❤️
$200 · 1 hr, 15 min
Intuitive Guidance Session (Zoom or Audio)
Available only to those who’ve had an intuitive reading (see above) in the last 12 months, this service supports optimal paths by investigating a specific question, issue, or dream using whichever tools—tarot, astrology, breath work, ancestral presences, cultural resources—best activate your intuition and growth in the moment. For streamlining purposes, session only confirmed upon $75 payment; Venmo handle is lisa-rosman. Zoom link sent right before! 💛
$75 · 40 min