.50 Min New Patient
Your pain-free journey starts here. This appointment that consist of a thorough initial assessment, treatment and body stretch.
$85 · 50 min
.30 Min Follow up /Maintenance
A 30 minute treatment designed to keep you feeling pain-free from your previous appointments. Including but not limited to fire cupping, myofascial release, mobility stretching, Graston Technique, Gua Sha therapy etc..
$65 · 30 min
2 Hr Muscle Regroup
This is an appointment that will get you back on track and feeling reborn. I will flush out the muscular system and release the entire body of restrictions and limitations through myofascia release, stretching, and a muscle flush.
$180 · 2 hr
On DEMAND appointment
Urgent appointment! Book this appointment by texting 713-376-7089 and you will receive a phone call to get you in within the next 24hrs.
$115 · 40 min
90 Min Get Me Back
benefit of a 90-minute massage/Graston Technique is improved blood flow/circulation. By kneading out muscle knots, a massage therapist will encourage blood flow to the affected region. Of course, this translates into faster muscle recovery and healing times while also protecting against pain and inflammation
$145 · 1 hr, 30 min
20 Min Fire Cupping
One side of the body
$40 · 1 hr
Go To You
One hour of treatment

20 mile radius from 77346 ZIP Code
$150 · 1 session
1 Hour
Promotes blood flow to the muscles and flushes out the lactic acid and waste build-up that might cause muscle soreness and cramping. Recovery massage is key if you want to keep your flexibility/range of motion and decrease your recovery time.
$100 · 1 hr
Rock Band Flossing
Rock Band Flossing – A Magic Bullet

-Improving range of motion and joint mobility in a position of restriction.

-Reducing swelling and inflammation in a joint.

-Reducing pain (can be particularly helpful for tennis elbow pain)

-Improving muscle contraction.

-Restoring sliding surfaces.

-Releasing trigger points.
$10 · 1 hr
Rock tape
Rocktape does so by affecting the nerve endings and different types of receptors in the skin of the injured area. 2 – It decompresses an area of swelling and inflammation. When Rocktape is applied to the skin, it has a microscopic lifting effect underneath the skin and between the many layers.
$20 · 1 hr
Trainers Discounted Rate
Trainer discount rate $55
$55 · 1 hr
Bikini Body Flush
$55 · 30 min
Get my body feeling great again
For Re/Align Body Movement Services
$150 . gift certificate
Pro Athlete Pricing
We focus on your muscles that are fatigued from being overworked and pushed to their limits. Incorporating maintenance session into your regular routine can help alleviate possible structural and muscular imbalances in your body. Regular maintenance work can help you recover faster between workouts, train harder, and increase your performance.

Performance session will include
Graston Technique
Cupping or fire Cupping
$55 · 30 min
Time to Relax
1. Aromatherapy
2. Relaxing music for stress Relief
3. It’s all about you
4. Learn how to breathe
$90 · 1 hr
Lymphatic Drainage
Lymphatic Drainage is a therapeutic massage treatment. The massage uses very gently, light pressure, and long, rhythmic strokes to stimulate the circulation of lymph fluid around the body. This helps to quickly speed up the removal of wastes and toxins from a slow lymphatic system.
Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage
also helps in the anticipation of swelling after injury or surgery. It also provides a major boost to your immune system.

60 min
$80 · 1 hr
Sponsor Athlete
Athlete sponsorship is a partnership between a company and an athlete. This is a win-win collaboration – the main purpose of this kind of association for an athlete is to find founds and the aim of the sponsor is to generate brand awareness and customer loyalty.
Free · 45 min
Realign apparel
Extra small
$25 · TBD
One 30 minute session

$65 . gift certificate