Let's Connect - Phone
Free · 45 min
Let's Connect - Zoom
Free · 45 min
Sit & Talk / Carmel Commons / Amelie's
Free · 45 min
Sit & Talk / SouthPark / Mugs
Free · 45 min
Sit & Talk / Dilworth / Sunflour Bakery
Free · 45 min
Walk & Talk / SouthPark
Meet at the entrance to the Little Sugar Creek Greenway - 2524 Tyvola Rd, 28210 - across the street from Marion Diehl Rec Center
Free · 45 min
Walk & Talk / South Charlotte
Meet at the entrance to the Greenway, to the left side of Pike Nurseries.
Free · 45 min
Coaching Consultation
During this phone call we will explore:

- what's going on in your life and/or business right now

- the who, what, when, where, how, and why of you want to be doing in the future

- what your strengths are

- what is holding you back

- exactly what you need to move forward

- if it is a good fit for us to work together
Free · 30 min
Strategy Session - 45 Min
During this laser-focused session we will explore your #1 goal and/or challenge.

I will provide the guidance, support and motivation you need to feel clearer, calmer and in-control, and you will leave with a strategic plan and action steps you can implement right away.
$250 · 45 min
Strategy Session - 90 Min
Great for monthly planning or taking a deep dive into your most pressing goal and/or challenge.
$500 · 1 hr, 30 min
VIP Prep Call
Free · 45 min
VIP Coaching - Half Day
$1,500 · 3 hr
VIP Coaching - Full Day
$2,500 · 6 hr
VIP Follow Up Call
Free · 45 min
VIP Package - Half Day
Great for quarterly planning, small projects, or taking a deeper dive into your top 2 or 3 challenges.

- 1 Prep Call - up to 45 min
- 1 Private Coaching Session - up to 3 hours
- 1 Follow Up Call - up to 45 min
- 1 month of phone, text, and email support
$1,500 · 3 sessions
VIP Package - Full Day
Perfect for annual planning, creating a business plan or marketing strategy, preparing for a big shift, or planning fir a major project, program, or event.

- 1 Prep Call - up to 45 min
- 1 Private Coaching Session - up to 7 hours
- 2 Follow Up Calls - up to 45 min each
- 2 months of of phone, text, and email support
$2,500 · 4 sessions
Organizing Consultation
During this brief phone call we will discuss your organizing or moving project needs and challenges, and options for us to work together.
Free · 20 min
In-Home Assessment and Action Plan
We will take a walking tour through each of the areas of your home/project to discuss your goals, challenges, preferences, needs, timeline, etc.

In order to give you the most detailed assessment and action plan possible:

I WILL open most - if not all - drawers and cabinets, look in your closets and under your beds, and explore every nook and cranny.

I WILL take a ton of photographs and videos to refer back to.

I WILL keep everything I see and everything we discuss 100% confidential.

I WILL NOT judge you, chastise you, or make you feel guilty in any way for the current state of your home/project.

I WILL provide a detailed, step-by-step action plan - including recommendations, resources, and estimates - within 2 business days of the walk-through.

Then, you will have the option to:
- Hire me to complete the project with you
- Hire me to complete some parts of the project with you
- Use the Action Plan as a guide to complete the project on your own.
$250 · 1 hr, 30 min
Organizing - 12 Hours
$840 · 12 hours
Organizing - 96 Hours
$5,280 · 96 hours