Residential Services
Everything we have to offer for your home is here. We try to keep up with all the latest tech and installs! If you don't see what you are looking for, please give us a call!
Residential New Construction
Building a new home? Well this is a list of recommended services for you! Please schedule a consultation so we can take a look at your list of desires to give you a complete list of options.
Home Theater
Home Theater is an area we are passionate about. Let us help create your perfect space.
-AVR installs
-Inwall and onwall speaker installs
-IR or smart remote setup
-LED lighting
-Complete surround audio
TV mounting
Best TV mounting service in your area!
Security cameras
Security is very important for every home or business. Consult with us today to get the perfect system in place for you.
Smart Devices
Smart devices are becoming more and more popular as a world of automation takes over. With years of experience, we can get you setup with a simple smart lock, or turn your entire home or office into a smart kingdom.
All IOS lighting services!
IT Services
Let us as professionals setup your network, wire your home or business with cat6, or make your wifi more efficient. Whatever IT issues you may have, give us a call.
Kandi Media
Kandi Media is an OMS (Online Media Solution) that helps connect our clients with online media services. We do not own any rights, nor are we affiliated with any of the streaming services provided.
Kandi TV