Polarity Therapy
Polarity therapy is a form of energy work that can be a wonderful tool for addressing any number of physical, emotional, or energetic issues. Combining hands-on myofascial, craniosacral, and trigger point techniques with the more intent based practices of chakra, aura, and elemental pathway clearing, Polarity therapy is an incredible modality that truly needs to be experienced to be believed. ​
Therapeutic Massage
Whether you're looking for just for a general relaxation massage or a more focused and therapeutic session, I can tailor your session to meet your needs. A few of the modalities I tend to use most frequently in my practice are:
​-Swedish Massage
-Trigger Point
-Deep Tissue Massage
-Range of Motion
Therapeutic Massage with Aromatherapy add-on
Whatever your goal for the session may be, adding a Doterra essential oil or blend can really enhance your experience. Some popular fragrances are:
Wild Orange - Fresh and energizing
Lavender - Calm and relaxing
Eucalyptus - Clean and Invigorating

Not seeing something you like? Let me know what you're looking for in your aroma session and I can make some suggestions just for you!
Therapeutic Massage with Hot Stone add-on
Melt away stress and tension with a Hot Stone session. Although they can be incredibly relaxing even when used with lighter pressure, hot stones are wonderful tools for softening dense muscle and working deep into the tissue without feeling like you're getting beat up.
Therapeutic Massage with Cupping add-on
If you're looking for a good way to get some extra focused work in your session, than look no further. Incorporating cupping techniques into your massage can help release stuck, dense areas of tissue while increasing circulation as well.