New Client Facial Services
These options are for first time facial, intimate facials and waxing options for first time clients. New Clients Please do NOT book under any other category!
New Client Waxing Services
This category includes all intimate facial services.
Facials & Advanced Facial Services
NEW CLIENTS DO NOT CLICK HERE. Advance treatments are ideal for those with skincare goals and want more advanced focused sessions. Dermaplaning, etc can be found here.
Waxing Services
Please note we do not provide peels to new clients.
Brows, Lashes, & Teeth Whitening
Chemical Peels& Skincare Series
Please note new clients peels aren’t a option immediately here.

These are Series options available for anyone who wants to invest in their skin and see changes sooner with weekly/biweekly appts versus monthly appointments. As well as chemical peel options.

Series scheduling is based off availability and for the following month not the current month.
Beauty Pro Training & Mentoring
For spa professionals needing guidance, business tips, social media assistance, retail sales training, etc.