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Initiated Priestess~Yogini of Ancient Indigenous Nature Based Goddess Spirituality, Divine Feminine Guide, Inner Love Priestess, Awaken Love Goddess, Sacred Self Empowerment Guide, Certified Womb/Fertility Massage Therapist, Yoga/ Prenatal Yoga Instructor, AstroDiviner, Yoni~Womb Wellness Practitioner/ Educator, Developer and Facilitator of FemBodyBliss Sensual Womb Vinyasa: a Yoni Womb Yoga Dance Practice, Reiki Attuned, Sacred Space Activator, Developer/ Trainer of Golden Womb Sacred Touch Energy Healing and Abdominal Womb Massage specializing in Women's Healing & Empowerment, Sacred Movement and Ancestral Healing, MAAT/ YOGA philosophy, Developer of Introspective Love Work