Initial Consultation
Initial consultation before beginning private training, to assess your needs, lifestyle, and current fitness level. As well as give you the chance to meet your trainer, and ask any questions you may have.
Free · 1 hr
Gym Tour
Interested in joining Fit One Four gym? Schedule a Gym Tour!
Free · 1 hr
Online Coaching
Online Coaching, this can include for General Lifestyle, Powerlifting, and Athletes. This will include a new training plan each week, custom tailored to fit each individuals needs. We will put a heavy focus on video breakdowns of lifts, weakness development, and learning how to auto regulate and train on your own!
$200 · due every month
Behind The Barbell
Behind The Barbell is a private online training group. The programming is designed to make you bigger, stronger, and faster. This group is ran through an online email campaign, where each week you receive: expert programming, training information, and helpful tips for you to get more out of training behind a barbell!
$25 · due every month