Nails Designs
Artwork applied to individual nails for creativity and fun
$10.30 · 1 hr
Soak Off
Removal of previous nail application
$15.30 · 30 min
Nail fix
Replacement of a broken or chipped nail.
$5.30 · 30 min
Acrylic Fullset
A long lasting nail enhancement service where a tip or overlay is applied to the natural nail for length and durability. This treatment is great for majority of clients who like designs and color.
$35.30 · 1 hr, 30 min
A long lasting no polish dip customized to fit all different types of nails shapes and lengths.
$40.30 · 1 hr, 30 min
OPI Gel Manicure
A low-level UV curing polish that lasts longer than regular polish.
$35.30 · 1 hr
Essential Pedicure
Invigorating bath soak designed to renew, refresh, and revive tired, stressed feet. Look forward to a nail trim, nail shape, foot scrub, leg and foot massage, along with a desired polish choice.
$35.30 · 1 hr
Essential Manicure
A spa treatment equipped with a water soak, nail trim, nail shaping, massage and desired polish choice.
$25.30 · 1 hr
Hand and/or feet are dipped into a warm lavender wax intended to soothe, calm, relax, and rejuvenate
$10.30 · 1 hr
Polish Change
Removal of old polish, file, and re-polish.
$10.30 · 1 hr
Gel Polish
An add-on to any acrylic, pedicure or manicure.
$10.30 · 1 hr