Consultation by Phone
15 minutes
Held by phone.📞
If you're planning to book any type of service with me, you'll first have to book a phone consultation to make sure we are a match for your needs!
10-Day Boarding Training + 4 Home Sessions
1 week, 3 days
10 days of training in my home plus one (4) in-home training sessions (1 hour each). A minimum of 2 sessions should be used before the boarding begins. The entire family should be present for the home sessions for best results. The sessions can also be held virtually.

You must do an in-person consultation or be a current client to be considered for this service. Not all dogs are good candidates for this type of training. If your dog is unable to participate in the program and needs to be removed, you are responsible for the 4 home sessions and any nights your dog has already stayed. The remainder of nights will be converted to home training sessions (1 hour for 1 night). Partial refunds may be issued on a case by case basis.

*I cannot accommodate aggressive dogs for this program.
*Dogs must be at least 8 months old
*Non-refundable $150 deposit to book.
*Additional dogs are $1500 with a $150 deposit.
Specialty Boarding - by the day
Your special management dog should not prevent you traveling! I can help you get your freedom back!

Boarding only is held in MY home where dogs stay in my custom boarding area (see photos). You must be a current training client and have completed the phone consultation and at least one (1) home session to book this service.

This is a specialized service for dogs who are anxious, reactive, escape artists, have a bite history, and/or cannot be around dogs or kids.

*Training new behaviors not included
*Behavior management and consistency with current training is included
*Daily schedule to mirror your home schedule as much as possible
*Medication administration, classical music/white noise, cozy quarters, and enrichment toys/puzzles all included
*Walks and playtime included, if able
*Acceptance is limited.
*$40 each additional dog