One of FIT-321-GO claim to fame is that you will never do the same workout twice with a trainer. All workouts come straight out of the mind of Lead Trainer Tommy with his special style of HIIT circuit training that incorporates many styles from functional for those that are not current clients of some type but want to participate in the same routines on your own! Perfect as well for the traveling professional or those on extended vacations looking to keep their program going strong.
$15 · 1 hr
Inbody 270 Test Only
Trainer Assisted Only! The Inbody 570 is a revolutionary body composition tester that reveals a true measure of your fitness health status. We utilize this tool to properly track our clients progress and results. For more information go here to check it out! This os for the test & results only with no consultation included. Recommended for those who have a strong handle on reading results and updating their fitness plan.
$30 · 1 hr
M/W/F In-Studio PT
$300 · due every month
T/T/S In-Studio PT
$300 · due every 4 weeks
5x Week In-Studio
$500 · due every 4 weeks
4x Week In-Studio
$480 · due every 4 weeks
3x Week In-Studio
$420 · due every 4 weeks
2x Week In-Studio
$320 · due every 4 weeks
1x Week In-Studio
$180 · due every 4 weeks
Single In-Studio Session
$75 · 1 hr
Single Virtual Session
$65 · 1 hr
Single Client Session
$55 · 1 hr
3x A Week
Gregory Raab gifted 1 month if training!
$300 · 1 hr
5x Week
$500 · 1 hr
In-Studio Single Session
Single sessions can be bought in packages
$25 · 45 min