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Feed Your Kneads Massage
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Hello and Welcome!
My name is Elisa, and I have been a massage therapist for the last 14 years. I studied massage at The School of Healing Arts in Pacific Beach. It was a fantastic experience that helped guide and shape me into the type of healer that I have become today. My massage styles have been described by some as ”intuitive”, and “energetic yet relaxing”. I concentrate on my clients individual needs and I listen to their issues. All with the focus of relief that includes an overall feeling of balance and well being. Due to my own experiences with a back surgery in 2015, I came away being more empathetic and sympathetic to the injuries and discomforts my clients bring to the table. Chronic pain being one of them.
Helping to provide my community with pain relief, relaxation, stress ease, and a healing touch is something that I am very proud of.
I'm very happy you are here.